Adversity: Journal Pieces

Entry 1

At the end of our designated reading stopping point, page 28 to be exact, I reflected on a few problems with Christopher along with the adversity he faces everyday. For starters, I noticed how he has behavioral problems, which may hint at some form of Autism. Some of these problems affect who he is, while others affect the way others see him. He has gotten made fun of for these problems, which is part of the adversity he must deal with. These same problems make him act a certain way that maybe someone without these problems might not act. Since society hardly ever adapts to help fix everyone’s problems, Christopher is left with family and friends who care, but a world that expects him to be like everyone else. 


Entry 2

Section 2 is adding detail to prior knowledge and revealing more information concerning Christopher’s problems. His dad is losing patience with him, which is one of the things a parent must never do with a kid with needs like Christopher’s. I understand the circumstances at the moment might not be what Mr. Boone wants, but for Christopher’s sake he has to get through it. On a better note, Siobhan and Mrs. Alexander are exactly what Christopher needs. They show him they care about him and are watching out for him. Though Christopher might not think of it, this idea of care and compassion is going to be vital throughout his life. 


Entry 3

Wow. Just, wow. This next section of reading is where it started to get interesting. Christopher is in a world of hurt now that he knows his mom is alive and has been writing to him for years. Even worse, his dad, who he trusted, has been lying to him just to “protect him”. We also know the ending of the mystery the book started out with, but this is definitely not the end of the book. It seems like for every mystery we solve, a new one pops up, one that is even more complicated than previous ones.I can’t wait to see how Chrsitopher deals with this adversity and how he goes about his life from here on out.


Entry 4

Now Christopher is in legal trouble! I did not want to keep reading this section because it made my head hurt with all of the noise and Christopher’s long drawn out plans. From the point of view of a normal kid without Autism or legal trouble, this is frustrating. I somewhat understand his logic behind his actions, but it is a lot of “at the wrong place at the wrong time”. Unfortunately for him, most of his interactions with police have been bad , so now he hates the people who could help sort things out. As bad as this seems, I do think Christopher’s dad is going to jail for killing Wellington if the police get enough evidence. One of the other big things I’m wondering about now is how the interaction between Christopher and his mother will go down. 


Entry 5

Everything is finally coming together. In this book, it seemed like all aspects had to get worse before they could get better. Mother had to break up with Mr. Shears (not that he was good for her anyways), Christopher had to make pretty much everyone angry, and father didn’t have the trust built up with Christopher yet to talk to him. But things came back together, at least a little.


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