Adversity: Paintings

Adversity: Paintings

  • A Bad Day For Sailors – by Nic Squirrell


    1. This painting is of sailors being sunk by sea monsters and ferocious waves. The sailors are facing adversity in the open sea.


  • Protection Painting – by Leon Zernitsky


    1. This painting is of two people conquering adversity, in the form of a storm, together. It is always easier to accept someone’s help than to try to fight a battle by yourself.


  • Cartoon Oil Industry Painting – by Granger


    1. This picture displays a David-and Goliath-like scene with standard oil companies being Goliath and a small Kansas-run oil refinery as David. If you know the David and Goliath story, you know that David faced much adversity that day.


  • Back to Brick – by Mel Kadel


    1. This painting depicts a young woman fighting back against a brick wall representing something she struggles with. She is faced everyday with adversity and she is finally fighting back


  • Delacroix Christ Asleep – by Granger


    1. This picture depicts the story of Christ asleep on a boat while his disciples panicked over a storm. If you know the story, you know what kind of adversity the disciples faced.


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