Adversity: YouTube Videos

  1. How to Deal with Adversity – uploaded by joegibbsonline
    1. This first video shows how one man deals with adversity in his life. He is a Christian and used a devotional book to get through tough times.
  2. How to overcome adversity with Tony Robbins – uploaded by Behind the Brand
    1. This video uses a man named Tony Robbins and talks us through his daily routine. He explains how each step of his daily process prepares him for the day and any adversity he might face. 
  3. 5 Ways to Overcome Adversity – uploaded by Brendon.com
    1. This video gives us insight to five ways we can overcome adversity. It includes having confidence, keeping perspective, scheduling action, asking for help, and honoring the struggle. 
  4. Thriving in the Face of Adversity | Stephanie Buxhoeveden | TEDxHerndon – uploaded by TEDx Talks
    1. This video is a recorded TEDTalk by a woman who shares her life story. She focuses on the ideas that, in the face of adversity, you can either deny, cope, or thrive.
  5. Embracing Adversity – My Brain and I | Kim Ingleby | TEDxBristol – uploaded by TEDx Talks
    1. This final video takes the speaker’s life story into play and talks about embracing adversity. It shows how accepting your situation and embracing it can be one of the most vital steps of getting through your adversity. 


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