An Introduction to Adversity

Hello, my name is Easton Cooper, and I have created this presentation for my 10th grade English final. My exhibit is all about the adversity and different ways we see it in life. For this project, I had to create a curated exhibit which included how we see adversity in songs and paintings. Along with this, we had to find YouTube videos talking about adversity and write up our own way to deal with adversity. We also read a book to go along with this theme of adversity titled a curious incident of a dog in the night-time. The final part of this project was to keep a journal of our responses to the adversity the main character faced in the novel. 

When someone comes to see this exhibit, they should come with the overall theme of adversity in their minds. Like I said before, this whole project is about adversity, so come with the mindset of learning from others’ mistakes or learning from your own. I believe God puts adversity in our lives in order to grow us in Him. Try to find something in my exhibit that you can connect to your life, and maybe even grow in the understanding that God loves you and helped/will help you through this challenging time. 

I too grew from this project just like I hope you will. I was struggling against adversity much like you might be. Doing this project helped me get through it because while researching and putting this project together, I found just the right information I was needing in my own life. This information changed my perspective on the adversity I was facing, and helped me overcome this challenging time in my life.